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About Us

Kerala Cultural Assosiation Of British Columbia

Kerala Cultural Association of British Columbia is a Cultural Organization serving the Indian Community, particularly Malayalees living in the beautiful province of British Columbia. Malayalees are people from Kerala, a beautiful southern state in India.

The organization aims to promote and celebrate Kerala's culture and traditions among the Malayalee community in British Columbia. The organization organizes various cultural events, festivals, and activities to showcase Kerala's art, music, dance, cuisine, and literature.

 The Kerala Cultural Association of BC plays a significant role in preserving and promoting Kerala's unique cultural heritage among the diaspora community.



KCABC was formed in August 1989 in Vancouver. The founding President was Mr. Joe Puthen. The first major event was Kerala Nite conducted in May 1990. A few Gujarati and Tamil Association members and some families from Washington also participated in this event.

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